Minotaur Books is pleased to invite you to join us in exploring creative works of cultural significance from the world of Three Pines. We’re showcasing a cultural inspiration from each of the books as we prepare for the August 29th release of the new book, GLASS HOUSES. More: pre-order the new book | about Louise Penny | find out more

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Cultural inspirations from The Cruelest Month (Book 3)

Gamache took the bread to the long pine table, set for dinner, then returned to the living room. He reflected on T.S. Eliot and thought the poet had called April the cruelest month not because it killed flowers and buds on the trees, but because sometimes it didn’t. How difficult it was for those who didn’t bloom when all about was new life and hope. . . .

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Surprised by Joy: The Cultural Inspirations of Three Pines

Every two weeks we will reveal a new cultural inspiration from the world of Three Pines. We’ll have a post and an area open for discussion.

Chief Inspector Gamache, Books 1–12

  • Still Life, by Louise Penny
  • A Fatal Grace, by Louise Penny
  • The Cruelest Month, by Louise Penny
  • A Rule Against Murder, by Louise Penny
  • The Brutal Telling, by Louise Penny
  • Bury Your Dead, by Louise Penny
  • A Trick of the Light, by Louise Penny
  • The Beautiful Mystery, by Louise Penny
  • How the Light Gets In, by Louise Penny
  • The Long Way Home, by Louise Penny
  • The Nature of the Beast, by Louise Penny
  • A Great Reckoning, by Louise Penny